what does it mean ?

We are faced with an activity that is related to marketing almost every moment of our daily life. While watching television, walking on the street, reading the newspaper. We encounter the messages it aims to deliver, or we use or consume the products . ;That marketing gives us while eating or even while sleeping or sitting. These examples are the same it also shows us that marketing has enabled businesses to contact us.

why is it so important?

These examples, which can be increased further, show how broadly the sales takes place and how necessary it is for our life. Marketing is important because it exists to meet our needs as we want. Considering the classical sense, marketing, which is considered as one of the basic functions of the enterprises, is in a much more important position for the enterprises according to the perspectives. that we can call up-to-date.

The concept of sales has different meanings until it reaches its very comprehensive meaning today. These different meanings are also an indication of how marketing has become more comprehensive over time . And how complex the whole process has become. Some of today’s modern sales activities were carried out at the beginning of the last century or in the century before it. For example, while distribution or advertising activities are carried out under these names during these periods, none of these activities are part of the marketing process during these periods. He did not visit.

What are the short solutions?

The activity we call sales or personal sales is actually one of the parts of marketing activities that we encounter most frequently as consumers. Modern marketing sales today
reveals its function as a specialty in itself. But sales is an activity that has existed for thousands of years. If we consider the same situation for the distribution or advertisement we mentioned earlier . It would not be wrong to say that marketing is actually as old as human history.

The important point here is that all these activities are known as the name we give today, namely sales. Marketing is the function that is in contact with more customers or consumers than any other function among all business functions. For sales that is in contact or interacting with customers . It would be best to start with a definition that accepts customers as its focus. Sales is the management of customer relations in a way that enables business objectives to be achieved.

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