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The only news site where you can find all the information about coronavirus. You can reach the news all over the world, in your city and even in your neighborhood. Coronavirus started in China about 3 months ago. And to date, people with this disease are seen in the leading countries of the world.All countries are working to solve problems on this issue. Loss of life increases day by day. Some countries have taken action against this problem. While others have opted not to take action against these problems.This virus has passed from one animal to another according to what has been described. This disease, which emerged in Wuhan, China, affected people’s thoughts. About the future badly and even caused depressive thoughts in some people.

This virus is transmitted from person to person: talking, shaking hands, hugging, sneezing, coughing, close contact, and so on. Therefore, we must keep the necessary distance with people and stay away.Corona Virus particles stay in the air for a long time . Making it easier for people to get infected. For this reason, one of the most effective protection methods is the quarantine method. We must isolate ourselves from people and maintain social distance.Secondly, the most effective method is to wash hands. After any interaction with the outside, we should wash and clean our hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds. If we do not have such an opportunity, we must disinfect our hands. For this, we can choose hand disinfectants sold in the market.


Coronavirus: US overtakes China with most cases

The US now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country, with more than 85,500 positive tests.

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